The Value of Brand Persona Names


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Review the activity below or download the PDF student worksheet

Student Worksheet: The Value of Brand Persona Names

Student Discussion Activity

Often firms will use a descriptive name (or brand persona) when labeling their target markets. For example, there is a bank that refers to their typical customer as BETTY Charlestown.

It may sound strange, but the bank’s managers used to apply the ‘Betty Charlestown test‘. That is, would Betty Charlestown want this new product? Or what’s the best way to advertise to Betty Charlestown?

Your task in this activity is to see how much we can determine about Betty Charlestown just from assumptions about her name. Therefore, see if you can answer the following questions below?

Guiding Notes: Betty tends to be an older name. Charlestown is a suburb located on the outer limits of a major city and would be considered to be lower to middle social class with a higher proportion of families.

What Can You Tell About Betty?

1 = Is the bank’s typical customer (that is, Betty Charlestown) male or female?


2 = In what age group would they most likely be?


3 = In which geographic area (of a city) would they most likely live?


4 = What would be their average level of education?


5 = What types of occupations would they most likely have?


6 = What would be their likely income range?


7 = Would they be likely to need sophisticated OR basic banking products?


8 = How helpful (for marketer) would it be to name segments and construct a segment profile?

And how would it help guide their marketing mix (across the 7Ps)?


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