McDonald’s Food Throughout the World


strategy, marketing mix, customer relationship management

Teaching Notes

This activity is designed to introduce students to the for/against of adapting a global firm’s product mix to meet local needs in host countries. Students first review a short video and then address specific questions on international marketing.

Student Video to View First

Student Discussion Questions

  1. McDonald’s is a strong global brand, does their variety of food throughout the world help to strengthen or weaken their positioning and brand image?
  2. From a cost and logistics perspective, would McDonald’s prefer a standardized or localized menu across the world?
  3. What are the risks inherent in McDonald’s trying to compete in local markets against local “experts”? (For example, a Mexican menu item in Mexico?)
  4. Is this approach (of localized menu items) likely to deliver more or less innovation across all of McDonald’s operations (worldwide)?
  5. Taking these above questions in account, plus your other thoughts, list the advantages and disadvantages of this menu adaption strategy to McDonald’s.
  6. And an easy question to finish with, what other product/menu ideas do you think that McDonald’s could introduce?

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