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Teaching Notes

The student activity is based around a video for a brand of healthy drinks called “neuro”. The video shows the brand being promoted using a variety of promotional tools.

Review the activity below or download the PDF student worksheet

Student Discussion Activity

About Neuro Drinks

Every neuro drink starts as an idea to help solve a problem faced by real people every day. Life throws a lot at us, neuro drinks are designed to make things better.

It’s our mission to create great tasting drinks that do great things for people. neuro drinks help, providing enhanced energy and focus, a protective dose of key vitamins and nutrients, a serene, calming mood, even a full night of restful sleep.

To make a truly innovative line of drinks we had to think differently. We looked at what was wrong or missing from much of what is offered in grocery stores, healthy markets and online. What we left out speaks as strongly about neuro drinks as what we put in.

360 Marketing Video

Student Discussion Questions

  1. Identify and list the range of communication tools shown in the video
  2. Discuss which of the tools would be the most important in the overall campaign
  3. Outline how effectively the campaign elements and tools work together.

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