Improving Poor Positioning Slogans


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Review the activity below or download the PDF student worksheet

Student Worksheet: Improving Poor Positioning Slogans

Student Discussion Activity

In the following table you are presented with examples of positioning slogans gone wrong. However, at the essence of each is a good positioning concept, it is just that the words have been poorly constructed.

You need to review these tag lines (slogans) and see if you can rewrite them more appropriately, while still maintaining their central message.


For a hospital “You’ll be glad you’re sick”
For an airline  “We won’t crash – or your money back!”
For a courier company “On time, almost all of the time”
For a fast food chain “More edible than most other fast food”
For a new car “Really cheap car – so you can save your money for the gas”
For a law firm “Simple, easy, uncomplicated, straight-forward, clear-cut, to-the-point, no beating around the bush, basic, legal advice”

 Student Discussion Questions

  1. Start by rewriting each of the slogans.
  2. Does each of original slogans have a core underlying positive message or does it need a complete revision of its positioning approach?
  3. How effective, do you think, is the use of a slogan for a company or brand?

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