Evaluating a Questionnaire


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Review the activity below or download the PDF student worksheet

Student Worksheet: Evaluating a Questionnaire

Student Discussion Activity

Below is a draft questionnaire for an online survey that a company plans to conduct anonymously, in regard to a potential new product.

Your task for this activity is to complete the survey with some of your fellow students (one should act as the interviewer) and try to identify any questionnaire problems and then suggest ways to improve it.

Note: You should be able to identify a number of problems, as it is a very poorly designed questionnaire – sorry!

Our New Product Research

We’re researching a new product – please read about our fantastic new product and then complete the following survey questions…

About our exciting new product… We think that you will really like our new product.

Introducing the drink bottle that you can now eat! Wow!  This means that you can have a drink and a snack at the same time and there’s no rubbish to throw away – very convenient and great combined value.

Brought to you by an innovative company – a company that is more innovative than other companies – so if you like innovations then you’ll like our product and our company. Recommended retail price is only $2.50 – what a great saving!!!

Please complete these questions…

  1. Would you buy this product if it were available? Yes/No
  2. How often would you buy it? Often/Sometimes
  3. Do you think that we can improve on this highly innovative product?
  4. How old are you?
  5. Are you the main grocery buyer for your family?

Student Discussion Questions

  1. What problems are evident with this research and questionnaire design?
  2. What recommendations do you have to help improve it?
  3. Is the research worth conducting in its current design/structure?
  4. This type of research (of a potential new product) is known as a concept test. How valuable would obtaining this information (assuming a better structure/design questionnaire) be for a firm?
  5. Why would be the risks/limitations of concept test research?

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