An Entrepreneurial Start-up


strategy, innovation, disruption, retailing, new products

Teaching Notes

This student discussion exercise is built around a video (at the bottom of this page) where the founder and CEO of the Dollar Shave Club discusses how the business was built and has been made successful.

Please note that you should watch the video first before deciding to show it in class to see if it is appropriate for your students!

This activity can be conducted as a general class discussion, or as a discussion in small groups – it should run around 15 minutes or so.

Student Questions Worksheet: An Entrepreneurial Start-up

Video to Show Students for the Task

Student Discussion Questions

  1. What are the key benefits of the razors – as presented in the video – that would provide the incentive for new consumers to switch from their existing brands and start ordering through the Dollar Shave Club?
  2. The founder said his background was in marketing, how important do you think marketing experience is in becoming a successful entrepreneur?
  3. As discussed in the video, many of their decisions in the firm’s growth phase were made on a fairly quick and ad-hoc basis – do you think this is a common approach or should the firm have been more structured and organized when it came to their strategic planning?
  4. How important was the viral video in the success of the firm overall?
  5. If the founder did not have a stand-up comedy/acting background, do you think that the video would become viral?
  6. Given a viral video was made from a firm selling razor through the mail, to what extent can viral videos be successfully developed for virtually any industry or product?

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