A Product Meets a Need

A product should meet a need or provide a solution for a consumer. In this activity you need to complete the table – sometimes you need to identify the consumer’s need and sometimes you need to identify the product solution. Several examples have been provided to get you started.



Consumer’s Need or Problem

Product Solution

Contact lenses are trouble to clean è

Disposable contact lenses

Kids quickly grow out of roller skates è

Size adjustable skates

Chocolate easily melts è

Candy covered chocolate (e.g. M&M’s)

Can’t see whether you took a good photo è

Screens on cameras

Travel suitcases are heavy to carry



Air bags in cars


Child care


Light (low alcohol beer)

Want to study, but can’t get to classes


Don’t want to get sun burnt



Internet cafes


Laptop computers

Tired and stressed


Want to lose weight



  1. Start by completing the above table.
  2. Did you find that sometimes there were several/many suitable product solutions? What does this tell us about indirect competitors (or substitute products)?
  3. How helpful would it be for firms to reflect on what core need that their product satisfies?