The Value of Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs have become increasingly popular in recent years. In this exercise, you just need to decide whether a large (and fictitious) retail chain should implement a similar program. To help you decide, below is an excerpt from one of their manager’s meetings discussing the proposal.




I think that it’s important that we introduce a major loyalty program, … See the full activity...

Developing a CRM Strategy

Using a CRM strategy is probably one of the best solutions for the problem in the following case study. Your task in this activity is to develop a strategy to increase attendance for this organization’s main event.

Please note that there is an updated version of this activity now available, which also includes an interactive spreadsheet.


You’ve been called … See the full activity...

Impact of Reduced Staff Empowerment

CRM success is highly reliant upon the motivation and performance of a firm’s customer contact staff. Considering this point, review the situation below – do you think that the management has made the right decision?



Assume that you have just started working at a supermarket, in their marketing department. the supermarket’s management team has just introduced a ‘… See the full activity...

Designing Internal Marketing

Assume you were the marketing manager for a bank and you are planning a major new product launch, with a substantial advertising and direct mail budget. As you need to rely upon the bank’s branch and call center staff to complete the sales, you will need to develop an internal marketing program (use the checklist below as a guide).


ACTIVITY/TASKSee the full activity...

Should we empower our staff?

Below is an excerpt from a manager’s meeting at a large department store chain. They are discussing the merits of introducing a system of greater staff empowerment. Unfortunately, there are good arguments both for and against and the team cannot decide what to do – can you help them?



Personally, I think greater empowerment for our sales staff … See the full activity...

Should we introduce a CRM program?

Assume that you work for a major department store. You have been asked to evaluate their idea for a new CRM program that they are considering introducing (see information below). What advice do you give them? 



Let’s assume that work in marketing at an up-market (higher quality) department store. The store’s management team have a plan for introducing … See the full activity...

Working with Customer Lifetime Value

In this activity, you need to work through a customer lifetime value exercise (CLV). You need to calculate the customer lifetime value for both the accounting firm’s business and individual customers. Given these calculations, what advice would you have for the firm?



An accounting firm currently provides accounting and taxation advice to 1,000 businesses and 2,000 individuals. In … See the full activity...

Calculating Customer Lifetime Value

In this exercise, your task is to calculate the customer lifetime value (CLV) for two retailers (there is one example already being provided to assist you). In the activity, we will also consider the impact of the number of years (that is, the customer’s lifetime) in the calculation.



In the following tables, the formula to calculate customer lifetime … See the full activity...

Switching Barriers

Customer retention can also be enhanced through the creation of switching barriers (as opposed to building positive relationships). Your task in this exercise is to review the following examples, in order to identify the likely satisfaction level of the customer involved


  • “I’m still with my bank – even though their service isn’t great – but it’s just too much
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Perceptions of CRM

In this exercise, you will evaluate the potential benefits and limitations of customer relationship management, usually known as CRM. Below you will find a list of statements and you need to indicate the degree that you agree or disagree with them.


  1. The main purpose of CRM programs is to build relationships with ALL customers.
  2. All CRM programs should include
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CRM’s Mutual Benefits

Below is a list of statements regarding the possible benefits of CRM programs (both to the firm and to the customers).  Assuming that you were the owner of a restaurant, you need to identify the three main benefits that the firm would receive from implementing a CRM program. And what would be the three main benefits for your customers? See the full activity...

Will Profit per Customer increase each year?

Do customers become more valuable over time? In this exercise, you consider whether a customer is likely to increase his/her relationship with a firm over time, by evaluating likelihood of them progressing through a relationship life-cycle path.


Let’s consider the possible relationship life-cycle path of an average customer of a phone company, which also markets a range of home … See the full activity...

Preparing a SWOT

This case study looks at a hypothetical regional bank. Your task here is to prepare a SWOT for the firm; that is, identify their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. As a result of this exercise, you should have a much clearer idea of what marketing strategies would best suit them, given their current environment.



Beautiful Sunny Valley region, … See the full activity...