Perceptions of CRM

In this exercise, you will evaluate the potential benefits and limitations of customer relationship management, usually known as CRM. Below you will find a list of statements and you need to indicate the degree that you agree or disagree with them.


  1. The main purpose of CRM programs is to build relationships with ALL customers.
  2. All CRM programs should include a loyalty program.
  3. In reality, most customers DON’T want a relationship with the firms they deal with.
  4. CRM is a popular marketing issue because a high percentage of firms have experienced success with these programs.
  5. Successful CRM programs need the support of sophisticated IT software.
  6. In theory, all organizations would be able to benefit by introducing some form of a CRM program.
  7. An efficient CRM program should be able to create customer relationships very quickly.
  8. Retail loyalty programs have been widely adopted in many countries due to their efficiency in creating loyal customers.
  9. The increase of online marketing activities reduces the need for CRM programs.
  10. The success of CRM programs are heavily dependent upon the quality of the firm’s sales and service staff.



  1. Start this exercise by highlighting which statements you agree/disagree with
  2. Given your response in Q1, what is your general perception of customer relationship management programs?
  3. Therefore, how would you define CRM?
  4. What sort of firms to you think have successfully implemented CRM strategies?
  5. Are there firms to do not use CRM or have had unsuccessful experiences with these programs?