J.C. Penney’s Cost-cutting Transformation

In this mini-case, you will review the efforts of the J.C. Penney department store to more efficiently compete on price, primarily underpinned by a cost-cutting program. But is this the best approach?



The J.C. Penney department store chain is currently through a major cost-cutting program, associated with its transformation strategy. The firm’s goal is to cut expenses by … See the full activity...

From Bricks and Mortar to Online Retailing

From Bricks and Mortar to Online Retailing

In this exercise, you need to review the key findings from recognized industry forecasting firm regarding the potential impact of online retailing on traditional shopping centers and retailers. The challenge is to determine the best way forward for these traditional retailers.



Traditional shopping centers (shopping malls) are under significant pressure to adapt … See the full activity...

Adapting to the New Environment

This mini case study profiles the successful launch of Winkiwoo, a new division of a photo printing firm, which has successfully tapped into the new internet and digital world, with an innovated Facebook related photo product.



A company from regional Australia (called Winkiwoo) has experienced tremendous success with their innovative Facebook photo books product. Surprisingly, the new-to-the-world product, which … See the full activity...

Designing the Retail Strategy

Even a simple retail business, like a fruit and vegetable store, requires a clear strategy in order to be successful. This is actually becoming a greater challenge, given the expanded product offering of the major supermarket chains (who offer their own fruit and vegetable sections).

 Your task is this activity is to determine your strategy for a suburban fruit and See the full activity...

Improving the New Product Process

Read the following case study on a hypothetical manufacturer and their product development activities. Review their new product development process. Identify what they appeared to do well, and identify potential improvement areas for the future.


Company Background

West-White is a manufacturer of white-goods (e.g. washers, refrigerators) and various other household appliances. They were established in 1962 in Perth, Western … See the full activity...

Speed of Adoption: Comparing Two New Products

Two products that are part of everyday life today are microwave ovens and DVD players. But they were adopted by the market at quite different speeds. DVD players became popular within a few years, yet microwave ovens faced significant market resistance and took decades to get adopted. Your challenge is to determine why this was the case.



The first … See the full activity...

Aligning New Products to Strategy

Your task in this activity is to generate some potential new product ideas/concepts that would logically fit with McDonald’s overall strategy. As we know, new products should not be introduced in isolation, or just to take advantage of a market opportunity. New products should be introduced to help implement and deliver the firm’s overall strategy.



The following assumed example … See the full activity...

Why New Products Fail?

Why do new products fail? Some of the answers are highlighted below in a discussion between various managers. Your task to identify a list reasons why new products fail and identify which of these factors could NOT be adequately assessed prior to actually going to market with the new product.




New products obviously fail because of poor … See the full activity...

Why Firms Introduce New Products

Most firms will have growth goals, which is one factor that drives firms to introduce new products. But there are other factors/drivers too. Review the following examples and try to identify a range of reasons for firms deciding to introduce new products.



  1. A firm that has been the number two in the market for the past few years now
See the full activity...

Developing a CRM Strategy

Using a CRM strategy is probably one of the best solutions for the problem in the following case study. Your task in this activity is to develop a strategy to increase attendance for this organization’s main event.

Please note that there is an updated version of this activity now available, which also includes an interactive spreadsheet.


You’ve been called … See the full activity...

Poor Target Market or Poor Positioning?

The following case study outlines a new retail store concept, which has proved somewhat disappointing for the two owners.

Your task in this activity is to evaluate, in your opinion, whether they adequately identified a viable target market and also to evaluate the appropriateness of their positioning.



The Beginning

Julie and Anna opened their store – “Hot Coffee, Cool … See the full activity...

New Target Market = New Marketing Mix?

Over time most firms will have goals to grow and expand. One growth option is to target a new market segment (known as market development). For this activity, you need to determine whether the law firm in the case will need to modify its marketing mix as they pursue another target market.



A growing law firm originally segmented their … See the full activity...

Socio-Cultural Change

Listed below are some examples of how the culture has altered in a number of countries over the past 10 to 20 years or so. For this exercise, your task is to consider the impact of these lifestyle changes, from the point of view of an organization that markets holiday packages and tours



List of some key socio-cultural … See the full activity...

Preparing a SWOT

This case study looks at a hypothetical regional bank. Your task here is to prepare a SWOT for the firm; that is, identify their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. As a result of this exercise, you should have a much clearer idea of what marketing strategies would best suit them, given their current environment.



Beautiful Sunny Valley region, … See the full activity...

Adaptive or Just Lucky?

Firms generally need to adapt their marketing strategy  to the changing environment. With this exercise, you need to consider whether McDonald’s successfully and proactively leveraged the changing factors in the macro-environment, or whether their business operation at the time just happened to be quite suited to this new environment. In other words, was it an adaptive strategy or just lucky?See the full activity...

Over-Adapting to the Environment

In this short case study, you are required to assess whether this toy manufacturer was too flexible and too willing to adapt to its changing macro-environment. Set back in time, this case is based on a real firm that implemented a number of changes in order to stay current. But were they guilty of over-reacting and, as a result, losing See the full activity...

Too Slow to Adapt?

Department stores have tended to be less relevant in today’s environment than in the past. Your task in this activity is to identify the various environmental factors that contributed to the downfall of some major Australian department stores. You also need to consider, as you review the case study information, whether the firms should have recognized and responded to the See the full activity...

A New Environment; A New Strategy

In this exercise, you are required to help a traditional hamburger store adapt to the new market environment of more health-conscious consumers. To help guide you, some market research data has been presented. The issue here is to determine whether there is still a viable traditional market or whether the shop needs to adapt to the new environment situation – … See the full activity...

Adapting to the New Environment

For this activity, you will play the role of a marketing consultant advising a small change of CD/music retail stores how they can best adapt to the changing lifestyle and technological macro-environment. You are presented with some introductory information regarding the key trends in this sector. What advice would you have for this firm?



A CD music shop … See the full activity...

Impact of Macro-environmental Changes

Review the following list of macro-environment changes/trends. For each one, work out how it is changing and then determine whether (and how) it will impact marketing activities. As we know, there are three key aspects to an environmental scan; identify the environmental change, determine its likely impact, and how firms can turn this challenge into a market opportunity.

(NoteSee the full activity...