Social Class Behavior


social class, segmentation, psychographics, lifestyles

Review the activity below or download the PDF student worksheet

Student worksheet: Social Class Behavior

Student Discussion Activity

In this activity, you need to outline your perception of the differences between an ‘upper social class’ and a ‘lower social class’ consumer.

You need to complete the following table and determine the similarities and differences between these two groups of consumers, taking into account demographics, possessions, and lifestyle.


For an ‘upper social class’ consumer

Compare using the below list

For a ‘lower social class’ consumer


 Yearly income

Area where they live

Their car

No. of times been overseas


What they read

Favorite TV shows

Favorite drink

Frequency of eating out

Student Discussion Questions

  1. Start by completing the above table.
  2. Are the two consumer profiles somewhat similar or quite different?
  3. How useful would social class segmentation be in terms of understanding a consumer?
  4. Are there any concerns with using this approach for market segmentation?
  5. Do you think that social class segmentation would be more suited to particular product categories? If so, what types of products?

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External Information

Social class determines whether buying experiences or things brings greater happiness (Academic Journal)