Selecting Sponsorship Partners

Medium to large firms tend to have many sponsorship opportunities presented to them. Keeping in mind that a sponsorship should be viewed a promotional tool (rather than simply a donation), please rank (in terms of value to the firm) the following sponsorship opportunities for a large supermarket chain.



Opportunity A

  • A small charity is seeking a donation of just $1,000
  • In return, they will list the firm on their web-site as a sponsor

Opportunity B

  • A  high school (of 1,000 students) is seeking a $1,000 sponsorship for their school fete
  • In return, they highlight your involvement in their school newsletter and encourage parents to use your stores
  • In addition, you may put up corporate signage at the fete

Opportunity C

  • A large sports association (of around 50,000 junior players) is seeking a major sponsor to contribute $50,000
  • In return, they will give the firm naming rights
  • In addition, you will be promoted on their results web-site, in their newsletters, and with regular signage at major games
  • They will even give you access to their customer mailing lists (if required)

Opportunity D

  • A fairly well-known charity is looking for a joint promotional day
  • Their proposal is that on a certain day, 50 cents from the sale of any of the supermarket’s own brand (private label) products goes to the charity
  • Their proposal states that the firm will benefit from:
    • The goodwill from supporting a good cause
    • Extra customers on the day
  • Customers who trial their own brand products for the first time (and may become repeat customers)



  1. On basis/criteria do you think that you should assess a sponsorship proposal?
  2. Using your own sponsorship assessment approach – which opportunity is the best one for the supermarket chain?
  3. Which one appears to be the poorest opportunity?
  4. How effective do you think sponsorships are as a promotional tool?
  5. Why would firms use sponsorship, as those as opposed to more traditional forms of promotion, such as advertising?