Positioning Our New Product

In this exercise you are presented with 50 alternative positioning slogans that a firm promoting an MP3 player could use. This market is obviously very competitive market and a clear positioning would assist a firm in successfully competing. In the below table there are 10 segments and you’re able to select positioning across five categories.

Your goal here is to select the most appropriate target market and the most appropriate type of positioning slogan for that target market.









Fashion focused

Be trendy

Great look and design

Use with friends

Be one of the “in crowd”

Not yesterday’s news

All the features

Easy music management

25 special features

Great for managing over 1,000 songs

Ideal for music lovers

More flexible than iPod

Simply the best

Status of being seen with the best

High quality with 20gb capacity

The only MP3 you want to be seen with

For achievers like you

Clearly the best quality – features -capacity combination


Great value and a smart buy

Just $39

For young kids, who might break or lose

Are you a smart shopper?

An extra $200 just for the brand?


Reliable, always works

No moving parts

When you’re working out hard

For athletes

More reliable, less trendy

Hardly working

Forget yourself

Good sound and lots of songs

Great for traveling or working

For people with better things to do

Only the music will distract you – not the price

Highly informed


Easy pod cast ability

When you’re ready

For those who like to be informed

Forget the fancy music store – get on the net instead

High quality

Enjoyable, full sound

Crystal clear sound

Sit, relax, enjoy!

If you know music!

Real sound, not blowing your own trumpet


Finally peace and quiet

Safe and simple for kids

When you need a break

Busy kids and stressed parents

Comes with a kid-sized price tag too

Not a DVD again

“Gee thanks” Granma

Low risk gift

What to buy this year?

When you’re expected to deliver the goods

The affordable alternative



  1. Which target market and which positioning slogan would you recommend? Why?
  2. Is there more than one viable approach contained in the list above?
  3. How does a firm benefit from selecting a target market and a clearly defined positioning approach?
  4. What are the potential downsides of a narrow target market and using a tightly defined positioning approach?