Perceptions of Occupation Status


social class, status, psychographics, perception, occupation

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Student Discussion Activity

A key aspect of social class is the relative/perceived status of consumers in a society.

Therefore, for this exercise, you need to determine the social status of various occupations. You should rank the following list of occupations from highest to lowest status (using your perception of how general society see these roles).


  1. Shop assistants
  1. Accountants
  1. Taxi drivers
  1. Doctors
  1. Clerks
  1. Waitresses
  1. Pilots
  1. Cleaners
  1. Bank tellers
  1. School teachers
  1. Plumbers
  1. Chefs
  1. Army personnel
  1. Coal miners
  1. Policemen
  1. School principals
  1. Business executives
  1. Council workers
  1. Business owners
  1. Brick layers
  1. Politicians

Student Discussion Questions

  1. Start by ranking the above list of occupations from highest to lowest
  2. Are your rankings generally consistent with those of your fellow students?
  3. How could we use this information (if at all) in our marketing activities?
  4. Why do you think that occupation alone is sometimes used as a single (proxy) measure of social-class?

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External Information

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