How to Position a New Product


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Review the activity below or download the PDF student worksheet

Student Discussion Activity

A firm that has taste-tested the cheese-flavored ice cream with some consumers has decided to launch the product.

You can help them in two ways. Firstly, they need you to recommend the best way to position the new product in the marketplace (they have five choices).

Secondly, they need you to help choose a suitable product name (they have short-listed five ideas).

Alternative Ways to Position Cheese Flavored Ice Cream

  1. That great cheesy taste, now in an ice-cream (features)
  2. Healthy snack for the kids (benefits)
  3. Ideal as an afternoon snack (usage)
  4. A great choice for lovers of cheese (users)
  5. An ice-cream taste you won’t find anywhere else (against competitors)

Possible Brand Names

  1. Ice-cheese
  2. Cool cheese sticks
  3. Creamy and cheesy
  4. Dairy-full treats
  5. Moo-cow frozen snacks

Student Discussion Questions

1 = Your preferred positioning approach?  
2 = Why this approach?  
3 = Your preferred brand name?  
4 = How does the name work with the desired product positioning?  
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