The Advanced Positioning Simulation Game (Now Free)


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Teaching Notes

  • Please refer to both teacher and student video instructions below
  • For debriefing after the game – please see Discussion and Teaching Ideas for the Sim Games
  • This Sim Game will take 2-4 hours to complete, depending upon the amount of time allocated to student to make their decisions – alternatively, you could play the Sim Game over several shorter sessions
  • Please note that this Sim Game was updated and fully tested in 2020

To download: The advanced positioning marketing simulation game is available for free download here… Advanced-Positioning-Sim-Game-2020

About the Advanced-Level Positioning Sim Game

Builds on the Base Sim Game: This is an extension of the base sim game – so it has the same look and feel to students.

What’s Different to the Base Sim Game?

While quite similar in its design, this Sim Game increase the complexity of decisions by introducing a number of new rules, such as:

  • the overall market size increases during the life of the game,
  • the center (consumer preferences) of each segment shifts over the game rounds,
  • each positioning cell may increase, decrease, or remain stagnant throughout the game,
  • there are different levels of costs for developing new products as opposed to repositioning existing products, and
  • there is an ongoing product management/support cost levied on a per product basis.
  • Note: The 20% loyalty bonus in cells was removed in the updated 2020 version of the game.

Impact on Sim Game Decisions of these Differing Rules

The combination of these rule changes means that the challenge and difficulty of each decision increases. Because each of the positioning cells are changing in value, along with the “center” of the market segment also shifting, teams are “forced” to review each of the product positioning decisions each round – making ongoing product management for more important (and needing to balance the investment between new products and existing products).

There is also a significant trade-off between developing products to target a segment in one go, or to develop products in two stages – as there is now a significant financial an incentive to bring a product to market and then reposition it.

While this approach may provide short-term financial benefits for a team, it also signals their intended moves to competitors (which they would prefer to avoid – so a trade-off between financial impact and “strategic surprise”). The addition of a product management/support cost also improves the need for teams to consider the financial viability of their products at all times.

Timing on Sim Game Decisions

The free simulation game – which should be played first with junior students – allows for decisions to be made within 10 to 15 minutes per round (depending upon class level) – and gives them a good sense of how this game operates, allowing for more considered decision-making.

However, with this game it is now possible that students can “scenario test” many possible strategic options and are likely to need longer to make their decisions – and the game could be extended into weekly decisions to be played over a term/semester if required.

Able to repeat the Sim Game with the same class

Because of the additional complexity of the game, no two variations of the game would be the same. Therefore, it would be possible to play this game multiple times with the same student class.

The outcomes of the game would significantly vary based upon the team’s responses to competitor activity. This also means that there is no one generic strategy that will always prove to be successful, as teams will need to be very market oriented to perform well.

Instructor’s video on “how to run the sim game”

Student’s video on “how to play the sim game”

Please share this instruction video with your students via your LMS prior to playing the game in-class.

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