Design = Mix of Attributes

By changing a product’s mix of attributes you effectively create new products, which may provide a solution to a different consumer need. In this activity, you need to modify the mix of attributes for a table in order to meet different needs. A list of various attribute alternatives for a table has been included to get you started.



Here are some Possible Table Attributes

Change the material (wood, plastic, glass, metal)

Add wheels

Change the shape (circle, oval, square, rectangle)

Make it extendable

Change the size (for 2, 4, 6, 8, 12 people)

Make it foldable

Change the height/weight

Add shelves

Change its color/s

Add drawers



1. Design a different table for each of the following uses:

  • Taking to picnics
  • Outside, by the pool and BBQ
  • For study/PC
  • For an executive office
  • For a formal dining room

2. How many different table designs could there be?

3. What is meant by the statement, “a product is the sum of its attributes”?

4. Given these attributes are available to all/most firms; how can we differentiate everyday products like milk and eggs?