Choosing a Promotional Message


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Review the activity below or download the PDF student worksheet

Student Discussion Activity

This activity is based on a local regional bank that was become a little old-fashioned and behind the times. Their plan is to adopt a more modern image, whilst maintaining their strengths of being local and caring about their customers.

One of the first initiatives that they are undertaking is the development and launch of a new credit card (which, surprisingly, they have not offered before).

Your task is to determine which is the best promotional/campaign theme from the list of alternatives provided by your advertising agency.

Possible Creative Message Themes (Slogans/Tag-lines)

  1. Putting all your finances together – why bank anywhere else?
  2. The LOCAL credit card
  3. Sorry we’re a bit late – but great products take time
  4. Yet another reason to stay local
  5. Finally, a friendly credit card
  6. A credit card from the bank you can trust
  7. Be the first to have the NEW credit card from your local bank
  8. The card you’ve been waiting for
  9. Great value, great staff, and now a great credit card

Student Discussion Questions

  1. Work your way through each possible creative message themes; how would you rate each one on the following scale (best, good, poor)?
  2. Can you think of any other suitable campaign themes?
  3. Does it appear that the bank is targeting existing or new customers? Why would this be the case?
  4. What other changes might they need to put in place, in order to successfully help reposition their organization?

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