Jul 072012

Gillette has long been the leader in the razor market. However, to maintain their position they have had to make some tough decisions along the way. Review the following situation – if you were the CEO, would you have made the same decision? ACTIVITY/TASK Gillette has always prided their firm on razor technology innovation. Therefore, [See full activity…]

Jul 062012

Due to the growth in franchising over recent years, many people have been attracted to this particular form of business ownership. The following is a conversation between two brothers who are planning to buy into a retail franchise system. But their problem is that they cannot decide ‘when’ to buy a franchise. (Note: The ‘when’ [See full activity…]

Jul 052012

The following is an excerpt from a manager’s meeting for firm that manufactures pretzels (a snack food that is considered to be a healthy alternative to chips/crisps – quite popular in the USA, but not so much in other countries). In the discussion they highlight the four broad brand strategy choices. Assuming that you were [See full activity…]

Jul 052012

The number of private label (brands exclusive to a retailer) products has grown steadily in recent years. In particular, a number of supermarket chains have increased private label products in their supermarkets as part of their strategy, mainly for differentiation and profitability purposes. But why would a large manufacturer want to produce a private label [See full activity…]

Jul 052012

Read the following case study on a hypothetical manufacturer and their product development activities. Review their new product development process. Identify what they appeared to do well, and identify potential improvement areas for the future. ACTIVITY/TASK Company Background West-White is a manufacturer of white-goods (e.g. washers, refrigerators) and various other household appliances. They were established [See full activity…]

Jul 042012

Why do new products fail? Some of the answers are highlighted below in a discussion between various managers. Your task to identify a list reasons why new products fail and identify which of these factors could NOT be adequately assessed prior to actually going to market with the new product.   ACTIVITY/TASK Steven: New products [See full activity…]

Jul 032012

The following case study outlines a new retail store concept, which has proved somewhat disappointing for the two owners. Your task in this activity is to evaluate, in your opinion, whether they adequately identified a viable target market and also to evaluate the appropriateness of their positioning.   ACTIVITY/TASK The Beginning Julie and Anna opened [See full activity…]

Jul 022012

In the case study below, this B2B firm is considering their strategic growth options. However, they are faced with two competing paths. As you have been called in as an adviser to the firm,  your challenge in this task is to help determine the best approach for the firm AND to work out if the [See full activity…]

Jul 022012

Listed below are some examples of how the culture has altered in a number of countries over the past 10 to 20 years or so. For this exercise, your task is to consider the impact of these lifestyle changes, from the point of view of an organization that markets holiday packages and tours.    ACTIVITY/TASK [See full activity…]

Jul 022012

Firms generally need to adapt their marketing strategy  to the changing environment. With this exercise, you need to consider whether McDonald’s successfully and proactively leveraged the changing factors in the macro-environment, or whether their business operation at the time just happened to be quite suited to this new environment. In other words, was it an [See full activity…]

Jul 012012

For this activity, you will play the role of a marketing consultant advising a small change of CD/music retail stores how they can best adapt to the changing lifestyle and technological macro-environment. You are presented with some introductory information regarding the key trends in this sector. What advice would you have for this firm?   [See full activity…]

Jun 302012

This discussion exercise is based around the results of two Canadian market research surveys from mid-2012, conducted on behalf of PayPal, which highlights the willingness of their population to shift to a cashless society. This change in the macro-environment will have significant implications for the retailing sector. Your task here is to review the survey [See full activity…]