Which Type of Retailer?


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Student Discussion Activity

Retailers adopt many different formats. Listed below are various types of retailers.

Your task is to simply match the type of retailer to its definition.

Types of Retailers

  1. Supermarket
  2. Specialist stores
  3. Convenience stores
  4. Category specialist
  5. Discount stores
  6. Factory outlets
  7. Service retailers
  8. Liquidators
  9. Department stores
  10. Non-store retailers

Match to Their Definitions

A = A store offering a wide variety of general merchandise, with low prices and limited service

B = A firm that offers services, not merchandise/goods

C = A smaller store with a limited variety and assortment of merchandise at a convenient location

D = A self-service food store of groceries, meat and produce, with limited sales on non-food items

E = Selling through vending machines, direct mail,
and/or the internet

F =A retailer offering an inconsistent and changing assortment, sometimes of brand names, at low prices

G = A discount retailer that offers a complete assortment in one set of products

H = A smaller store with a limited variety,
but of related merchandise

I = A retailer with wide variety, deep assortment, good service, and organized into section of like products

J = An outlet store owned by a manufacturer,
usually design to sell older stock

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