Which Celebrity to Use?

Sometimes it can be effective for a firm to utilize a celebrity to help promote their product/brand. Your task is to identify whether any of the following firms could possibly benefit from using an ‘available’ celebrity. If so, which available celebrity would be most appropriate?  (Note: A limited list of celebrities has been provided to make this activity more manageable.)



List of firms/brands – looking for a celebrity endorser

  • Kit Kat (chocolate bar)
  • Virgin (airline)
  • Reebok
  • Toyota
  • Madrid (as a holiday destination)
  • Revlon cosmetics
  • AT&T (for mobile phones)
  • KFC (fast food)

List of ‘Available’ Celebrities

  • Tom Cruise (actor)
  • David Beckham (football/soccer player)
  • Tiger Woods (golfer)
  • Michael Phelps (Olympic swimmer)
  • Michael Jordan  (basketball player)
  • Lady Gaga (singer)
  • Bill Clinton (former American president)
  • Elle McPherson (model)



  1. Choose who you believe to be the best celebrity endorser for the products/firms listed.
  2. Then work through the following checklist to see how well they would fit to the product and the promotional goals.
  • Is the person well known?
  • Is the person well liked?
  • Would the person be seen as credible/believable?
  • Is the person a good ‘fit’ to the product?
  • Is the person a good ‘fit’ to the likely target market?
  • Does the person present a risk of ‘poor behavior’?
  • Is the person already strongly associated with another product/brand?

3. Are there any particular products//firms listed above that you would believe would NOT benefit from having a celebrity endorser? (That is, would do equally as well without that additional expense in their marketing communications budget.)