What CRM Tactics Should We Use?

For this exercise, assume that you are the marketing manager for a large hotel chain. You’ve been asked to put together a CRM program for the hotel’s major customers (which are mainly businesses and corporate executives). From the list of possible CRM tactics listed below, select six to ten tactics to form the basis of your program. How successful do you think your program will be in enhancing customer loyalty?



Choose from the following CRM tactics:

Invite to hospitality events

(like major sports events)

Give advice on conferences/travel

Invite them to the hotel’s annual party

Ongoing preferential treatment

Give occasional free gifts

Free room upgrades

Give occasion free lunches/coffee/drinks

Provide priority queues/access

Keep in contact via direct mail

Allow access to senior management

Keep in contact via email

Provide a dedicated business contact

Send a regular newsletter

Provide flexible payment terms

Keep in contact via personal phone calls

Send birthday cards

Invite to special events at the hotel

Develop social bonds/friendships

Provide regular discounts

Provide networking opportunities

Provide special services/menus

Give access to a “club”

Loyalty programs

Get staff to know customer names



  1. How would you structure your CRM program? (Using the list above as well as your own ideas)
  2. Why do you think that your CRM program will appeal to the needs target market?
  3. Do you think that it is a good idea for a hotel chain to introduce a CRM program, OR should they allocate their budget into other promotional areas? Why will your choice achieve a better return for the hotel?