Interpreting a Perceptual Map

In this activity you need to read and interpret a perceptual map. Shown below is a perceptual map for Sunny Valley Bank (a hypothetical example only). You need to determine what it tells you about the current positioning of the bank and what challenges they may face.





  1. How would you describe the positioning of Sunny Valley Bank?
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Perception – Which Ad is Best?

Your task in this exercise is to select the best radio commercial from the three presented below.  You will need to consider the model of perception (which is how consumers’ process information). As a quick recap, this model suggests that consumers often learn about products/brands in a passive/disinterested manner (requiring the ad to get attention). And consumer’s short-term memory See the full activity...

Reviewing a Multi-Attribute Model

In this exercise, your task is to review the results of a multi-attribute attitude model, which compares consumer’s perceptions of two fast food restaurants (McDonald’s and Burger King).

In the survey (which uses hypothetical data), consumers have been asked to rank the importance of various attributes and then score the two firms for these attributes. The two responses are then … See the full activity...