Time for a New Positioning Slogan?

This fitness center needs your advice. They are starting to think that their positioning slogan is primarily responsible for their loss of new customers/members. Do you think it’s time for a new slogan?



New Millennium Fitness Centers have the positioning slogan – “we’ll get you fit”. However, only 50% of new customers keep coming back after the first six weeks.

This is a customer loss rate well above industry benchmarks, and also puts pressure on the firm to consistently generate many new customers. Also, as many of these lost customers are dissatisfied, they are probably negatively impact word-of-mouth referrals as well.

A consultant to the firm has suggested that the slogan could be contributing to the customer loss problem because it “promises too much”. As a result, expectations are not met and customers quickly become dissatisfied.



  1. Do you think that the positioning slogan could be a problem? Why?
  2. What could be a suitable revised slogan for them (if you think that they need to change)?
  3. Should they change their slogan, or should modify their marketing mix offering instead?
  4. Overall, how important is a positioning slogan to a firm? What is the for/against of using a slogan?