Situational Influences and How They Impact Decisions


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Review the activity below or download the PDF student worksheet

Student Worksheet: Situational Influences and How They Impact Decisions

Student Discussion Activity

Different situations will affect a consumer’s purchase decisions. This activity is designed to explore that concept.

Your task here is to identify how many different drinks/beverages you (being one consumer only) would choose across the various situations listed below?

What type of drink/beverage would you choose?

  1. On a hot summer’s day
  2. For breakfast
  3. During a 15-minute lunch break
  4. When in a bad mood
  5. At the beach with friends
  6. On a cold winter’s night
  7. When waiting around for an hour
  8. At a sporting event
  9. As a birthday gift for a relative
  10. With only 5 minutes before a lecture
  11. At dinner, at a restaurant with that special one
  12. At a fast food place by yourself
  13. When you need an energy “pick-me-up”
  14. When you want to celebrate
  15. For refreshment after exercise

Student Discussion Questions

  1. What beverage would you choose in each other situations listed? How does this compare to your fellow students’ responses?
  2. Does your choice differ or remain consistent?
  3. If it differs, how does this affect the marketing of beverage products?
  4. How important, do you think, it is for marketers to understand the concept of situational influence? Why?

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