Perceptual Maps Template Package

Get the Perceptual Maps Template Package for Only $20

(Normally $44 individually – please scroll to the bottom to purchase)

The package includes the:

  1. Fast Mapping Excel Template – enabling you to make and reviews 100s of maps per hour
  2. Multi-Dimensional Mapping Template – which allows you to map brands and multiple attributes at the same time

To find out more, please review the videos below OR trial the basic versions for free.

Video Overview of the Premium MDS Mapping Template

What is a multi-dimension scaled (MDS) perceptual map?

A multi-dimension scaled perceptual map is a more advanced version of a standard two-axis perceptual map, allowing marketers and analysts to visualize the positioning and differentiation of brands based on multiple attributes at the same time.

Video Overview of the Fast Mapping Template

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