Components of Brand Value


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Review the activity below or download the PDF student worksheet

Student Worksheet: Components of Brand Value

Student Discussion Activity

Your Task

A strong brand carries a lot of meaning and can provide value in the marketplace. This value is obtained through awareness, consumer preference, likeability, and loyalty.

Your task is this activity is to match each statement below to the appropriate component of brand value for the global Coca-Cola brand.

Please note that there is ONE brand term for each statement.

List of Statements About the Brand

  1. “It also comes in cherry and vanilla flavors”
  2. “It makes me fit in with others”
  3. “It’s refreshing”
  4. “I buy it three times every week”
  5. “It’s very well known”
  6. “It’s a soft drink in a red can”
  7. “It’s fun, social, and lively”
  8. “I ask for it when I’m at a restaurant (rather than Pepsi)”

Match to ONE of these Components of a Strong Brand

A = Has high brand awareness

B = Has known product attributes

C = Has clear benefits

D = Adds social/image value to consumers

E = Has a brand personality

F = Has known product variations

G = Is preferred by consumers

H = Ensures customer loyalty

Student Discussion Questions

  1. Which of the brand components do you think are the most valuable in delivering long-term profitability for the brand?
  2. Which brand components are at most risk of “attack” by competitors?
  3. Construct a simple model of the sequence (or progression) of the brand components listed. View your sequence from the point of view of a new unknown brand.

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