Apr 242016

Introduction Real Burger World (or RBW as it later became known) was a small hamburger chain established in the UK in the early 2000’s. Despite a significant financial investment, professional management, the use of branding consultants, and extensive media coverage, the business did not prove to be viable and closed within a few years. This [See full activity…]

Feb 032016
Monitoring Consumer Attitudes

Teaching Notes In this marketing exercise, the students will gain an understanding of the complexity of consumer attitudes by reviewing the output of a multi-attribute attitude model. Please note that a  multi-attribute attitude Excel template is available for free download at a related website. Student Activity For this task you will need to review the [See full activity…]

Feb 172015

Teaching Notes for this Marketing Activity Preferred format: This teaching activity is designed for small groups of students to discuss the value of the consumer products classification scheme. Student audience: Could be run with any level of marketing student, perhaps more suitable for students of introductory marketing as well as students of marketing strategy. Exercise [See full activity…]

Feb 122015
Developing a Segment Profile

Teaching Notes for this Marketing Activity Preferred format: This teaching activity would work best in small groups and reporting back to the overall class. Student audience: Could be run with any level of marketing student, perhaps more suitable for advanced students. Exercise time: Given the students need to profile two different segments, group discussion time [See full activity…]

Feb 062015
New Coke Case Study

General Instructions for running the New Coke Case Study in class Much has been written about the New Coke new product development and launch in 1985 and there have been numerous case studies published in various textbooks, along with numerous books. But what is different about this case study for New Coke is that students [See full activity…]

Feb 062015
New Coke Case Study (Part 2)

General Instructions for running Part 2 of the New Coke Case Study in class This is Part 2 of the New Coke Case Study. It is highly recommended that student groups undertake the New Coke Case Study (Part 1), which sets the marketing environment context for Coke’s decision back in 1985. While the first part [See full activity…]

Jun 132014
Evaluating a Billboard Ad

In this activity, marketing students will review a “famous” billboard ad to determine whether it will be successful.   ACTIVITY/TASK Review the following billboard ad for Silberman’s Fitness Center. The ad is cleverly designed to be both “attention-grabbing” and to convey humor, and most importantly, trigger the target consumer into action and call the fitness [See full activity…]

Jul 202012

In this video-based mini-case, you will review the repositioning efforts of Coca-Cola in Australia with their energy drink branded “Mother Energy”. But was this the right choice: should they have moved to introduce a new brand instead?   ACTIVITY/TASK Coca-Cola launched their new Mother Energy brand into the Australian market in 2006. The firm was [See full activity…]

Jul 072012

This activity highlights the top level results from an attitudes/image market research study, comparing four different fast food chains. Your task here is to review the brand’s performance and see what the survey results have revealed.   ACTIVITY/TASK Results in %’s Brand A Brand B Brand C Brand D Lots of locations 5 15 50 [See full activity…]

Jul 072012

This activity is based on a chain of fitness centers. They want to increase their ongoing level of promotional activity, but are unsure how best to promote themselves in the marketplace. Therefore, this activity requires you to determine the most appropriate promotional strategy (given the information in the following case study).   ACTIVITY/TASK Fitness Fast [See full activity…]

Jul 072012

This activity is based on a local regional bank that was become a little old-fashioned and behind the times. Their plan is to adopt a more modern image, whilst maintaining their strengths of being local and caring about their customers.  One of the first initiatives that they are undertaking is the development and launch of [See full activity…]

Jul 072012

There are a number of other options for the ‘source’ of the firm’s promotional messages. Your task in this activity is to identify which source would probably be the most appropriate for each particular promotional challenge.   ACTIVITY/TASK Some Possible Different Message Sources The firm’s CEO (e.g. Richard Branson) A celebrity An expert (such as [See full activity…]

Jul 072012

Sometimes it can be effective for a firm to utilize a celebrity to help promote their product/brand. Your task is to identify whether any of the following firms could possibly benefit from using an ‘available’ celebrity. If so, which available celebrity would be most appropriate?  (Note: A limited list of celebrities has been provided to [See full activity…]

Jul 072012

‘How’ to communicate the desired message is an important aspect in the overall effectiveness of a promotion. The message appeal also plays a part in communicating the overall positioning for the brand/product. In this activity, you need to select the most appropriate type of ‘appeal’ (refer list below) for each challenge listed.   ACTIVITY/TASK You [See full activity…]

Jul 072012

Decoding refers to how consumers will understand the marketing communication. In this activity, you need to determine what is the main message for the following promotional messages. Keep in mind that most ads do not include a lot of copy (text), so they often have to draw conclusions or will use their existing perceptions   [See full activity…]

Jul 062012

In this exercise, you are presented with eight product alternatives, as you would find in a supermarket environment. As you will see, price is simply one aspect of the consumer’s perception of value. So review the following list of pasta sauces, which one would you buy?   ACTIVITY/TASK Brand Positioning/Marketing Price A The leading brand [See full activity…]

Jul 032012

For this activity, you need to select the most appropriate positioning for a firm that currently home delivers pre-prepared food, on a weekly basis, to people who are trying to lose weight. They have now decided to pursue an opportunity in providing a somewhat similar product, but this time, targeted at children. You have been [See full activity…]

Jul 032012

Over time most firms will have goals to grow and expand. One growth option is to target a new market segment (known as market development). For this activity, you need to determine whether the law firm in the case will need to modify its marketing mix as they pursue another target market.   ACTIVITY/TASK A [See full activity…]

Jul 032012

Outlined below is a new idea for a service. The proposed target market for this luxury service is affluent, upper social class consumers. Your task here is to evaluate whether this target market and the proposed offering is financially and technically viable. ACTIVITY/TASK Introducing the new ‘King and Queen for a day’ service…  We send [See full activity…]

Jul 032012

Below is a possible market segmentation for the holiday market. Remembering that a key goal of segmentation is to classify consumers into groups of similar needs – your task in this activity is to outline what kind of holiday (that is, accommodation, activities, and destinations) would best suit each of these market segments.   ACTIVITY/TASK [See full activity…]