Which IMC Tools to Use?

Different organizations, with different goals, will find that a different mix of IMC tools will be more appropriate for their needs.  For this activity you need to determine the three most suitable IMC tools for each organization listed (using the simplified list of tools provided below).


Select from this simplified list of IMC Tools

  • TV advertising
  • Personal selling
  • Radio advertising
  • Publicity
  • Internet advertising/web site
  • Brochures
  • Direct mail
  • Coupons (with special offers)
  • In-store displays
  • Telemarketing (phone)
  • Local letterbox drops
  • Discounts/sales promotions



1. Using the list above, select the most appropriate IMC mix for:

  • A new hairdresser in a busy shopping mall
  • A large firm introducing a new line of candy bars
  • A charity launching its pre-Christmas drive
  • A 5-star hotel on the beach, starting to offer business conference services

2. How similar/different is each of your IMC plans?

3. Other than to assist with communication, in what other ways would the choice of IMC (media choice and message) affect the brand’s/firm’s positioning?