Which Channel Would You Choose?


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Review the activity below or download the PDF student worksheet

Student Discussion Activity

This activity provides a hypothetical channel selection decision for the Pizza Galore chain.

Assuming that Pizza Galore wanted to introduce a mini breakfast pizza (say with bacon and eggs), then which would be the best way for them to distribute it? Why would this be the best option?

 Possible Distribution Channels

  • Offer as a ‘take away’ option in all their stores (which would require their stores opening 4-5 hours earlier than normal)
  • Offer as a ‘take away’ option in their key/busy stores (that is, those located in shopping centers and on main roads)
  • Offer as a home delivery option only (which would still require their stores to open 4-5 hours earlier than normal)
  • Distribute via gas/fuel stations (that is, set up a small pizza section in larger petrol stations)
  • Distribute via convenience stores
  • Distribute via coffee shops (exclusively offer to selective coffee shops)
  • Set up a range of special vending machines to be located around the city and at key train/bus stations
  • Set up a range of special kiosks (small booths) in key city and transport locations

 Student Discussion Questions

  1. Are there any other channel alternatives that you can think of that may be suitable?
  2. Which retail channel/s would you select for the best way to distribute the new breakfast pizza products? Why?
  3. Do you think that there is a viable target market for this product?

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