Using Pricing Adjustments


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Student Worksheet: Using Pricing Adjustments

Student Discussion Activity


Some firms will utilize price adjustments/variations in order to target particular consumers, or to adapt to particular situations.

Part A: For each of the following situations/consumer groups, try to think of a firm/industry of an example.

Part B: Assume that you were the owner of a café/coffee shop. Which of the following price adjustments could be possibly suitable for you?


1 Discounts on product/service use on particular days of the week.
2 Discounts on product/service use at particular times of the day.
3 Discounts for buying in bulk (large quantities).
4 Short-term discounts (say for 30 minutes) on one product only.
5 Discounts, for one day only, on all products in the store.
6 Discounts based on the age of the customer.
7 Discounts based on the loyalty of the customer for regular customers).
8 Differentiated prices for where you are sitting in a venue.
9 Differentiated prices for the level of service received (that is, basic or full-service).
10 Discounts based on when you pay (that is, early payment discounts).


Which price adjustment tactic/s might be suitable for a café/coffee shop?

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