Using Motivation Theories


internal influence, motivation, Maslow, consumer needs

Review the activity below or download the PDF student worksheet

Student Worksheet: Using Motivation Theories

Student Discussion Activity

There are various theories of motivation listed in textbooks. For this activity, you need to identify different ways of motivating consumers to buy a smart phone and to visit a restaurant. To help you with this activity, an example has already been provided for you.


Motivation Level

For a car

For a restaurant

For a smart phone?

Everyday living, survival

Economical, ideal family car, simple to drive – easy to park and ability to get around

Security, safety

Safety features, trusted name, well engineered, reliable

Friendships, acceptance

Most popular car, great first car, show groups in ads

Demonstrate success

Luxury, strong brand, exclusive options, high price

 Student Discussion Questions

  1. Start by completing the above table.
  2. How helpful is it to review the consumer’s motivation for a purchase? How can smart phone marketers and restauranteurs use this information?
  3. Would this information affect a firm’s promotional mix only, or would it influence the design of their overall marketing mix?

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