Pepsi Next Case Study

In February 2012 the Pepsi Next product was launched into the US market. This case study provides students with an interesting insight into PepsiCo’s new product process and some of the challenging decisions that they faced along the way.


Pepsi Next Case Study



Pepsi Next was launched by PepsiCo into the US market in February 2012, and … See the full activity...

Which Brand Strategy?

The following is an excerpt from a manager’s meeting for firm that manufactures pretzels (a snack food that is considered to be a healthy alternative to chips/crisps – quite popular in the USA, but not so much in other countries). In the discussion they highlight the four broad brand strategy choices. Assuming that you were part of this management team, See the full activity...

Do Manufacturers Like Private Labels?

The number of private label (brands exclusive to a retailer) products has grown steadily in recent years. In particular, a number of supermarket chains have increased private label products in their supermarkets as part of their strategy, mainly for differentiation and profitability purposes.

But why would a large manufacturer want to produce a private label product that will directly compete See the full activity...

Designing a Product’s Augmentation

As you add more value to a product, you also increase your costs of producing the product. The question is whether your consumers actually see value in the extra ‘benefits’ that you are providing. In this activity for a banking ‘club”, you need to determine what would be the appropriate level of augmentation for each of the club’s elements.


ACTIVITY/TASKSee the full activity...

Speed of Adoption: Comparing Two New Products

Two products that are part of everyday life today are microwave ovens and DVD players. But they were adopted by the market at quite different speeds. DVD players became popular within a few years, yet microwave ovens faced significant market resistance and took decades to get adopted. Your challenge is to determine why this was the case.



The first … See the full activity...

A Great Idea, But Would You Invest?

This task relates to the new product process phase of ‘idea screening’. Review each of the following new product proposals. Which ones do you think have potential and should go ahead? Which ones have very limited potential?


  1. A local inventor has invented a bicycle that can fold up for easy storage. He thinks that the bike will have great
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Generating New Product Ideas/Concepts

Firms will use a variety of methods to generate new product ideas/concepts. Review the following examples and identify what approach each firm is using. Which approach do you think would be the most successful? Why?



  1.  “At our firm, we simply copy the competitors’ new products. I mean, we let them do all the hard research and analysis. And once
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Aligning New Products to Strategy

Your task in this activity is to generate some potential new product ideas/concepts that would logically fit with McDonald’s overall strategy. As we know, new products should not be introduced in isolation, or just to take advantage of a market opportunity. New products should be introduced to help implement and deliver the firm’s overall strategy.



The following assumed example … See the full activity...

Why New Products Fail?

Why do new products fail? Some of the answers are highlighted below in a discussion between various managers. Your task to identify a list reasons why new products fail and identify which of these factors could NOT be adequately assessed prior to actually going to market with the new product.




New products obviously fail because of poor … See the full activity...

Why Firms Introduce New Products

Most firms will have growth goals, which is one factor that drives firms to introduce new products. But there are other factors/drivers too. Review the following examples and try to identify a range of reasons for firms deciding to introduce new products.



  1. A firm that has been the number two in the market for the past few years now
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What Type of New Product?

New products are more than just new-to-the-world innovations. Actually, most companies only ever introduce products that already exist in the market place. For this activity you need to identify what ‘type’ of new product the firm has developed (see list of options in the question section below).



  1. McDonald’s introduces the ‘Triple-patty Big Mac’
  2. Coke brings out ‘Coke Ice
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