Household Decision Making Roles

Consumers often play different roles within a family (or household) decision making unit. Your task in this activity is to identify who might be involved in the decisions below and what role that they may play in that decision.

To get you started, an example has been provided for you.



Purchase Decision = Christmas presents for the kidsSee the full activity...

Evaluation Phase of Decision Process

In this task we explore the third phase of the consumer decision process, which is the evaluation of alternatives. From the various television options listed below, which one would you choose on the basis of the six product attributes provided? On what basis did you make your choice?



Screen Size


Brand A

100 cm

Brand A


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What Level of Information Search?

In this activity, you need to determine what factors influence the consumer to proceed through the information search phase of the decision process. In some purchase situations, this phase is optional, or the amount of information required varies, depending upon the consumer’s purchase involvement. Therefore, your task here is to  determine (from each of the two choices listed) what would See the full activity...

Need/Problem Recognition

This activity considers the first phase of the consumer decision process, which is the consumer’s recognition of a need/problem. The list below outlines possible need/problem recognition triggers for new banking services. Your task is to determine which of the potential triggers listed are the more significant ones in terms of impact and which ones should the bank try and leverage See the full activity...

Understanding Situation Influence

According to the theory of situational influences, consumers will make different purchase decisions when they are in different situations.Therefore, in this activity, your task is to match the situation to the appropriate situational factor. This particular exercise examines why a consumer would choose to shop at a more expensive convenience store over a low-cost supermarket.)



Match these situations … See the full activity...

Situational Influences

Different situations will affect a consumer’s purchase decisions. This activity is designed to explore that concept. Your task here is to identify how many different drinks/beverages you (being one consumer only) would choose across the various situations listed below?



What type of drink/beverage would you choose?

  1. On a hot summer’s day
  2. For breakfast
  3. During a 15-minute lunch break
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