Need to Improve Internal Marketing?


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Review the activity below or download the PDF student worksheet

Student Worksheet: Need to Improve Internal Marketing

Student Discussion Activity

In this activity, you need to first review the following manager’s discussion regarding the disappointing performance of a marketing campaign.  

Given the information provided, identify where do you think the problem occurred? Does this firm need to spend more time and effort on its ‘internal marketing’ program?


The Poor Marketing Campaign Results


Our sales are below target for this campaign – we need to increase the volume of our direct marketing to our customers.


Sure that’s important, but we’re missing a lot of leads when customers phone our call center – our staff are not converting enough calls to sales.


I agree, I checked the numbers and the sales conversion rate is only 12% – it should be over 25% based on industry comparisons.


So where’s the problem here? The call center manager said that the product/price offer isn’t that strong and her staff are not keen to promote the product at all.


I don’t think it’s the offer. Over 5% of the customers who got the email  then phoned the call center – that’s well up on our last campaign!

Student Discussion Questions

  1. What do you think has gone wrong here? (List the possibilities.)
  2. Do you think that an ‘internal marketing’ program required in this firm? Will this approach solve the firm’s problems as highlighted above?
  3. How could the firm structure their internal marketing communications program?

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