How Would You Segment These Consumers?


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Review the activity below or download the PDF student worksheet

Student Worksheet: How Would You Segment These Consumers

Student Discussion Activity

Below is a summary table of 12 consumers. Your task is to split them into segments, based on their characteristics in the information provided.

 The Segmentation Rules

  1. You need to create three segments each time only.
  2. You must have at least two consumers in each segment.
  3. The consumers in the segment must have one or more things in common (based upon their characteristics).

Create Three Segments for These Consumers

Consumer Age Where They Live Marital Status Social Class Loyalty to Brands Price Sensitivity Lifestyle Benefit Sought
1 19 Rural Single Lower Low Medium Family Best value
2 47 Suburbs Married Lower Low High Social Best price
3 66 Suburbs Married Middle Low High Social Best price
4 23 Rural Married + children Middle Low High Family Best price
5 64 Rural Married + children Lower Medium Medium Family Best value
6 25 City Single Middle Medium Medium Sporty Best quality
7 35 Suburbs Single Middle Medium Medium Travel Best value
8 50 Suburbs Married + children Upper Medium High Family Best price
9 36 Suburbs Married + children Middle High Low Sporty Best quality
10 50 City Married Middle High Medium Travel Best quality
11 53 Suburbs Single Upper High Low Travel Best quality
12 70 City Married Upper High Low Sporty Best value

Student Discussion Questions

  1. There are eight characteristics for each consumer. Two are psychographic/lifestyle variables, three are behavioral variables, and three are geographic/demographic variables. Start by identifying which variables are in each of these categories.
  2. Identify three market segments, using:
    • A. Psychographic/lifestyle variables as the segmentation base/s
    • B. Behavioral variables as the segmentation base/s
    • C. Geographic and/or demographic variables as the segmentation base/s
  3. For each approach, how would you define each of your segments? That is, create a brief segment profile for each segment. (Note: You should have nine segments – 3 X the three approaches.)
  4. Choose the segmentation approach that you think works best for these consumers (this market). That is, the best approach in this market is… psychographic, behavioral, OR geographic/demographic? Why?

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