How Do I Cancel My Membership?

How to Cancel Your Membership (Subscription)

To cancel your membership plan:

  • Ensure that you are logged in
  • Click on the account icon (next to the search box)
  • Click Subscriptions
  • In the right column of the table click Cancel

You will be immediately forwarded an email that confirms your cancellation.

But your membership will continue until the end of your membership term.

What If I Rejoin Great Ideas at a Later Time?

A number of members stop and start their Great Ideas Membership when they are in teaching mode. The easiest way around this is to sign up for an annual or lifetime membership, as these plans represent superior value, and you suitable for ongoing marketing educators.

However, if you do decide to rejoin, then please email me and I can forward you a discount coupon in recognition of your prior membership and support.

Our No Refund Policy

Great Ideas has a no refund policy.

Why? Because we offer lots of free teaching activities, plus sample solutions, so you can try before you buy.

If you have a monthly plan or another recurring membership plan, you can cancel it at anytime under your ‘account icon’ (as per the above instructions). It is your responsibility to cancel your plan (if you choose to).

Other Related Information

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