Do We Use the 4Ps or the 7Ps?


marketing mix, goods vs services

Teaching Note: An activity for students to understand which products are more suited to the 4Ps (goods) or the 7Ps (services) marketing mix.

Review the activity below or download the PDF student worksheet

Student Worksheet: Do We Use the 4Ps or the 7Ps

Student Discussion Activity


The standard marketing mix consists of the 4Ps of:

  • Product
  • Price
  • Place
  • Promotion

These marketing mix elements were originally structured by McCarthy in 1960 and the model is still a mainstay of marketing tactics today. However, as developed economies evolved from primarily manufacturing-based to services-based, the 4Ps was expanded to the 7Ps, which provided an improved approach for services marketing tactics.

The 7Ps marketing mix includes the above 4Ps, but adds the extra Ps of:

  • People (or sometimes referred to as participants)
  • Process
  • Physical evidence

 Your Task

Review the following list of products and identify whether they are more suited to using the 4P’s marketing mx OR the 7P’s marketing mix?

  1. Chocolate chip cookies
  2. An accounting firm
  3. Air travel
  4. A restaurant
  5. A hotel chain
  6. A haircut
  7. A university course
  8. An organized fun run
  9. A can of Pepsi
  10. A supermarket
  11. The Red Cross (charity)
  12. An art gallery
  13. Going to see a movie (cinema)
  14. Snow skiing at a resort
  15. A smart phone

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