Awareness and Advertising Recall


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Student Worksheet: Awareness and Advertising Recall

Student Discussion Activity

This activity highlights the top level results from an awareness and advertising recall market research study. Your task here is to review the brand’s performance and see what the survey results have revealed.


Results in %’s Brand A Brand B Brand C Brand D
Top-of-mind 5 15 50 0
Unprompted – other 20 20 40 10
Total unprompted 25 35 90 10
Aided awareness 20 30 5 30
Total awareness 45 65 95 40
Unprompted advertising awareness 5 10 30 0
Aided advertising awareness 5 10 40 10
Total advertising awareness 10 20 70 10
Able to recall ad message(of those aware of the ad) 50 30 30 10


Student Discussion Activity

  1. Based on these results, which brand appears to be performing best?
  2. Each brand has at least one strength and one weakness; scan through the results and highlight a positive and a negative for each.
  3. Which brand do you think is presented with the best opportunity to improve its position?
  4. What other questions needed to be asked in this market research survey to help provide more insightful information?

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