Time for a New Positioning Slogan?

This fitness center needs your advice. They are starting to think that their positioning slogan is primarily responsible for their loss of new customers/members. Do you think it’s time for a new slogan?



New Millennium Fitness Centers have the positioning slogan – “we’ll get you fit”. However, only 50% of new customers keep coming back after the … See the full activity...

Improving Poor Positioning Slogans

In the following table you are presented with examples of positioning slogans gone wrong. However, at the essence of each is a good positioning concept, it is just that the words have been poorly constructed.

You need to review the slogans and see if you can rewrite them more appropriately, while still maintaining their central message.



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How Positioning Slogans Communicate

For this exercise, you are required to determine the positioning goals associated with various positioning slogans. In the table below you will see a number ‘well-known’ positioning slogans. For each one, outline what you believe the slogan means and what it is trying to communicate.



  • Because I’m worth it (L’Oreal)
  • Have a break (Kit Kat)
  • Priceless (MasterCard)
  • Finger
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