Impact of Reduced Staff Empowerment

CRM success is highly reliant upon the motivation and performance of a firm’s customer contact staff. Considering this point, review the situation below – do you think that the management has made the right decision?



Assume that you have just started working at a supermarket, in their marketing department. the supermarket’s management team has just introduced a ‘… See the full activity...

Switching Barriers

Customer retention can also be enhanced through the creation of switching barriers (as opposed to building positive relationships). Your task in this exercise is to review the following examples, in order to identify the likely satisfaction level of the customer involved


  • “I’m still with my bank – even though their service isn’t great – but it’s just too much
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Time for a New Positioning Slogan?

This fitness center needs your advice. They are starting to think that their positioning slogan is primarily responsible for their loss of new customers/members. Do you think it’s time for a new slogan?



New Millennium Fitness Centers have the positioning slogan – “we’ll get you fit”. However, only 50% of new customers keep coming back after the … See the full activity...

Managing Post-purchase Behavior

The final phase of the decision process is post-purchase behavior. And if the product’s performance does not match prior expectations consumers will be dissatisfied. This activity highlights how four different consumers usually deal with dissatisfaction.

Review each consumer’s comments. Which of these customer/s would a firm prefer to deal with? What actions could a firm undertake to better deal with See the full activity...

Using Market Research Results

The following case study provides information for a hotel chain. They have recently conducted a customer satisfaction survey. Given these research results and the other information in the case, what advice would you give them? This is a good exercise in utilizing the results of market research.



The Quick-Stop Hotel Chain

Quick-Stop Hotels is a small … See the full activity...

Understanding Customer Satisfaction

This activity is designed to help you identify the key components of what drives customer satisfaction outcomes. Listed below are a series of statements made by consumers regarding their recent interaction with a firm. Quickly review each statement and determine how satisfied each consumer is (using this simple scale; very satisfied, satisfied or dissatisfied).



  1. “My friends dragged me
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