Real Burger World (RBW) Case Study


Real Burger World (or RBW as it later became known) was a small hamburger chain established in the UK in the early 2000’s. Despite a significant financial investment, professional management, the use of branding consultants, and extensive media coverage, the business did not prove to be viable and closed … Continue reading...

Monitoring Consumer Attitudes

Teaching Notes

In this marketing exercise, the students will gain an understanding of the complexity of consumer attitudes by reviewing the output of a multi-attribute attitude model.

Please note that a  multi-attribute attitude Excel template is available for free download at a related website.

Student Activity

For this task you … Continue reading...

The role of logos

Teaching Notes for this Activity

In this activity, students will consider the role of a logo in the firm’s overall brand – what role does it play, how important is it?

Student task

Below are some well-known logos to review.

  1. Which logos can you recognize?
  2. Why do you think that
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The internal marketing environment

Teaching notes for this activity

In this exercise, students will look at the role of the internal marketing environment when developing a marketing strategy.

This activity is best completed in small groups, with a report back to the main class. You should allow around 15 minutes for discussion.

Student task

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Mission statements

Teaching notes for this activity

This activity is designed for students of marketing strategy to help understand the relationship between mission statement and the firm’s marketing strategy.

This discussion exercise would need to be completed within a small group environment and you should allow around 20 minutes for the activity.… Continue reading...

Core competencies

Teaching notes for this activity

This activity is designed for students of marketing strategy, or advanced marketing students. It explores the concept of core competencies and their role in the development of a marketing strategy.

It is suggested that this would be done as a small group discussion, with report … Continue reading...

An entrepreneurial start-up

Teaching Notes for this Marketing Activity

This student discussion exercise is built around a video (at the bottom of this page) where the founder and CEO of the Dollar Shave Club discusses how the business was built and has been made successful.

Please note that you should watch the video … Continue reading...