Interpreting Brand Image Survey Results


market research, analysis, attitudes, brand, perception

Review the activity below or download the PDF student worksheet

Student Discussion Activity

This activity highlights the top level results from an attitudes/image market research study, comparing four different fast food chains. Your task here is to review the brand’s performance and see what the survey results have revealed.


Results in %’s Brand A Brand B Brand C Brand D
Lots of locations 5 15 50 30
Good menu range 70 50 20 10
I like their food 65 50 30 10
Great value 20 30 50 30
Eat there weekly or more 15 10 30 10
Never go there 25 10 40 10
Good corporate citizen 10 20 70 10
My preferred choice 50 20 20 10

Student Discussion Questions

  1. Based on these results, which brand appears to be performing best?
  2. Review the results and highlight a positive and a negative aspect of the results for each brand.
  3. What top-level recommendation/s would you have for each brand?

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