Defining Market Research Terms


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Review the activity below or download the PDF student worksheet

Student Worksheet: Defining Marketing Research Terms

Student Discussion Activity

In this activity, your task is to match the marketing research term to its definition/best description below?


Table of marketing research terms and tools…


Survey 7 Quantitative research


Focus Group

8 Qualitative research


Experiment/market test

9 Primary data
4 Observation 10

Secondary data

5 Mystery Shopper 11

Internal records

6 Database analysis 12

Marketing intelligence


Match the term above to its definition below…

Marketing Research Term

(Insert number from above table)

Simple Definition/description
Using ‘pretend’ customers to test the level of customer service
Having a discussion with a group of about 10 consumers, for about 1.5 hours
Reviewing the impact of our new advertising by examining customer purchases via their loyalty cards
Phoning people at home to ask them a questionnaire
Launching a new product in New York only to see how successful it will be
Watching how our customers behave in the store
A study undertaken to solve the marketing problem at hand
Observing competitor’s actions
Statistical research – hard data and measurements
Financial, sales and other data within the firm
Existing data – from studies completed for some other purpose
General term for more in-depth and richer research with a small number of consumers


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