Value Pricing – A Tough Decision

This activity requires you to determine a price solely based on what value your product generates for the customer. As there are only insignificant variable costs involved, what price would you set?



Assume you are the marketing manager for a large sales training company. Over many years, your firm has developed a unique set of sales training techniques. They … See the full activity...

Pricing Objectives

Pricing decisions will form a key part of the firm’s overall marketing strategy. In this activity, your task is to identify why the firm has adopted their particular pricing approach.



  1. When ‘Great Cuts’ (haircuts) originally opened, they charged just $12 per haircut. However, since they have become widespread and more popular, they have progressively increased their price to over
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What is Customer Value?

For this task you need to identify how each of the following consumers perceive value, based on their statements listed below. You should note that the perception of value varies across most of these consumers.

For each consumer statement, n this activity, identify how each of the following consumers perceives value. (For example, value = low price, or value = See the full activity...