Channel Conflict Challenges

This activity highlights several common channel conflict situations, across three different industries. For each situation, your task is to determine how you could minimize the level of conflict.



Chemists (drug stores) and Supermarkets

Pharmaceutical (drug/medicine) companies make a broad range of products. Some must be sold via chemists/pharmacies (such … Continue reading...

Working with Customer Lifetime Value

In this activity, you need to work through a customer lifetime value exercise (CLV). You need to calculate the customer lifetime value for both the accounting firm’s business and individual customers. Given these calculations, what advice would you have for the firm?



An accounting firm currently provides accounting … Continue reading...

Benefits of Strategic Alliances

Below is a list of possible and actual strategic alliances. Your task in this activity is to first identify the benefits and risks associated with each of the ventures. You also need to determine the extent to which customers will also benefit. On the basis of this assessment, you then Continue reading...