Marketing Plan Escape Room very close now

Thank you again!!!

Can we talk about SWOT analysis?

We have done some research and gathered some information, but we are not sure whether these points are strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, or threats???

Can you please help clarify where each of the following points fit into the SWOT matrix?

  1. The overall market is in the growth phase of the product life cycle
  2. We are not making enough profit to pay our bank loan each month
  3. We appear to have very loyal customers
  4. Higher inflation may significantly increase our operating costs
  5. There are multiple new product lines that we are able to introduce soon
  6. We offer great customer service and we have friendly staff
  7. It appears likely that several new competitors will enter the market
  8. Our market share is quite low compared to our direct competitors

Code hint

For each point above, classify it as S, W, O or T – that is, where would it fit into the SWOT analysis. Please note that there are two of each (two S, two W, etc.)

Then enter your eight letters in CAPITALS as the code without any spaces.

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