Let’s Start the Marketing Plan Escape Room

Thank you so much for helping us!!!

Our first question: we are told that we need a marketing plan.

But after we did lots of research on how to structure a marketing plan, we dropped all our notes and the sections are now in a random order. You can see our work desk below – it’s a mess!

Can you help us sort out what sequence the main sections of a marketing plan should be in? We just cannot work it out.

Here are the sections that we know should be in a marketing plan…

  1. Marketing Mix Tactics and Actions
  2. Situation Analysis
  3. Mission Statement
  4. Controls and Contingency Plan
  5. Financial Budget
  6. Marketing Objectives
  7. SWOT Analysis

But what is the correct sequence of sections???

Code hint

Reorder the above marketing plan sections into the correct sequence and then enter the numbers in the right order – with NO spaces between the numbers.

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