Marketing Mix Digital Escape Room Q5

This is so helpful!!!

What we would really like to understand is the 7Ps of marketing. We have some images below, can you please help us work out which of the 7Ps that they most likely represent.

Note: There are seven images and 7Ps – so one of each.

Image 1 = Happy customers in the store

Image 2 = Items on sale

Image 3 = Tags on products

Image 4 = Our range of merchandise

Image 5 = Our sales staff

Image 6 = Our pre-ordering form

Image 7 = Our shop

Code hint

Place the image numerals into the following 7Ps sequence…

  • Product
  • Price
  • Place
  • Promotion
  • Process
  • People
  • Physical evidence

That means that the number of the image for product to be listed first, followed by image number for price, and so on. Use numerals only and do not add any spaces.

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