CB Digital Escape Room Q Eight

That almost seemed too easy for you?

So now let’s look at a 30 second TVC and then I will have a few questions afterwards. This will help me see how “insightful” you are for the consumer insights role.

Questions on the Video

1 = The ad is attempting to use second-time (experienced) parents as:

A = Sales people

B = Opinion leaders

C = Spokespeople

D = Actors in a TV ad

2 = What Maslow hierarchy level is the ad trying to leverage for motivation?

A = Safety (of the baby)

B = Physiological (as the product is a necessity)

C = Social (to have friends to talk to in the park)

D = Esteem (to be seen as a smart parent)

3 = Would this type of product purchase normally be a:

A = High-involvement purchase

B = Low -involvement purchase

4 = And therefore, which main type of buying behavior would this product normally fit into?

A = Habitual buying

B = Variety-seeking

C = Dissonance-reducing

D = Complex buying

Code Hint

The code is just four letter – your answers to the above – all in UPPER case letters.

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